Artist’s Statement

I believe beauty exists; I believe it resides, in part, in all the elements that compose the language of an artist (certain rules in the organization, lights and shadows, symmetries and asymmetries, etc.). In those terms, I believe that it is the artist’s job to speak beauty using the vocabulary he or she is given. As a consequence of this, every piece I craft was created to be beautiful.

Creating my pieces is an intense labour that demands a lot from me. At the same time, it has been the most rewarding ever of my activities. It gave me a new definition of myself and therefore, a new way of seeing the world. It made me a better person, pushing me to confront fears and grudges and helping me to resolve or simply cope with them. Most importantly, it gave me something to say and the voice to say it, and with that, it also gave me a different sense of accomplishment I had never felt before. It is because of that experience that today I can introduce myself as a visual artist.

My current research on Queer History has become both a source of inspiration and the catalyst of a renewed commitment to my own identity. It never occurred to me that the fact that I never related to historical characters was because none of them was depicted as homosexual; all the heroes and people who deserve to be remembered, the ones who form your personality since you were a kid, these are the ones homosexuals don’t get to relate to because that information is not included in regular history books. This has been the motor of my queer history project, still in progress and very, very far from being finished.