When I planned this website I was trying something new. I had just discovered mixed media paintings and I’ve been completely in love with them ever since. And as I usually do, I put on that hat and disregarded everything else I’m able to do.

With time I felt the need to incorporate a space where I could support my paintings with some texts. This would give people some perspective about what I’m trying to say and at the same time I would be able to incorporate my research and writing. I am one of those people with ten notebooks in use at all times (paper notebooks, it’s embarrassing having to clarify this!). That’s when the blog came in.

Time went by and I had to take care of other aspects of life, leaving these projects a little on the side.

When I was finally able to come back, a series of coincidences put me behind the camera once more. Most people don’t remember (or simply don’t know) that I am a photographer. Even I had forgotten about it!

It is very easy (and dangerous) to get lost in a role. Roles don’t define you, you define them according to who you are.

So here I am, offering the roles i’ve defined so far. They intersect and combine. Sometimes they play solo, sometimes they work together.

This is the website dedicated to my mixed media paintings. You will find the links to the blog and the photography websites in the top menu.

Enjoy the visit and don’t hesitate to comment!