Herbs and Steel Mirror

M03 - Herbs and Steel
“Herbs and Steel Mirror”

19″ x 23″

This mirror has a grey tint. It still works as a mirror, but the colors may look a little off and darker.

As far as I know, this is a frame from the 60’s or even 50’s. Moldings are resin-based, all originals from the moment I bought it at a farmers market in Calgary around 2011.

The back is sealed and covered with hand-made paper.

This piece was completely hand painted and varnished.

It is sold, like any original painting, with its corresponding Certificate of Authenticity, coded and signed in the back.

Because of the materials this piece is made of its surface should be treated like any other acrylic painting. Refer to the acrylic paintings general care guidelines for your reference.

No spray paint was used in the making of this piece.

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